HCL Commerce Enterprise

Defining buyer organizations

If you are running a business-to-business site, there can be one or more buyer organizations belonging to your site.  After you have established which businesses will participate in a buying relationship with your site, you will have to create a buyer organization for each business. You can have as many buyer organizations as you need.


  1. Create a new organization and define approvable tasks if needed. Again, defining approvable tasks is only required for business-to-business sites.
    1. Open Management Center Tools HCL Commerce Version or laterOpen Management Center Tools and from Hamburger menu, click Manage Organizations > Organizations using a Seller Administrator ID.
    2. Select Organization Management. A list of organizations and organizational units for the site displays
    3. From the list, click New to add a new organization or organizational unit to the site.
      Note: You cannot create an organization under an organization that is of type "authorization domain".
    4. The New Organization dialog launches, displaying the Details page first. Provide appropriate information for the fields and click The New Organization page is displayed. Provide appropriate information for the fields. Click Next to fill the information on all the pages and click Submit to create a new organization.
      Note: Unless all the manadatory fields are filled, it will throw an error on clicking Next.
    5. Once you have created an organization or organizational unit, you can select approval types and roles for the organization or organizational unit, as follows:
      • To select approval types for the organization or organizational unit:
        1. From the list of organizations for the site, click on the name of the organization and click Approvals. The Available approvals field opens.
        2. From the Available approvals list, select the types of approval required for the organization, and click Save.
      • To select roles for the organization or organizational unit:
        1. Select roles for the organization as follows:
          • To assign a single role, from the Available roles list, select the role that you want to assign to the organization and click Save. The role moves from the Available roles list to the Selected roles list. Repeat this step for all the roles you want to assign to the organization.
          • If you make an error or want to remove a role, from the Selected roles list, select the role that you want to remove and click Remove. The role moves from the Selected roles list to the Available roles list. Repeat this step for all the roles you want to remove from the organization.
          • Note: There is no Remove all button available in Management Center. You can only remove the roles one by one from Selected roles list.
        2. Click Save to define user roles for the organization.
      Note: It is not recommended that you delete an organization. Deleting an organization will invalidate all things owned by that organization. For more information about what will be deleted, see the MEMBER database table.
  2. Assign roles to the new buyer organization. Since you are now creating a buyer organization, typical roles that you might assign include Buyer Administrator, Buyer (buy-side), Buyer Approver, and so on.
  3. Create users and assign them roles. When assigning roles, you will select them from the list of roles you assigned to the buyer organization in the previous step.
  4. Repeat the entire procedure for each buyer organization you want to add to your site.