Enabling order status notification

This message is sent to the administrator with "Recipient" listed under this Administration Console configuration. It will not send to the customer of the order. This message assumes that only the Site Administrator is interested in the order status update. HCL Commerce site or store developers can customize the OrderStatusNotifySendCmd command by providing another implementation to send e-mails to either the administrator, or the customer, or both.


  1. Open a database command window on your HCL Commerce machine.
  2. Register the order status notification command by typing the following SQL statement:
    update cmdreg set classname='com.ibm.commerce.messaging.commands.OrderStatusNotifySendCmdImpl'
  3. If necessary, add transports methods to your site or store.
  4. Assign the Notification message of the order status type to a transport. Ensure that you select HTTP Browser in the Device Format list.