Configuring the Request_WCS_BE_ProductInventory message

To enable HCL Commerce to use the send-receive message service, configure the CheckInventoryAvailabilityBE message.

  • The WebSphere Process Server is not supported on iSeries, Linux, IBM eServer zSeries, or S390 Linux.


  1. Determine which store uses the CheckInventoryAvailabilityBE message, and identify the STOREENT_ID from the STOREENT table.
    Note: If all stores in the site will use the CheckInventoryAvailabilityBE message the STOREENT_ID is set to 0.
  2. Choose the appropriate option:
    • To configure the message at the site-level:
      insert into cmdreg (STOREENT_ID,INTERFACENAME,CLASSNAME,TARGET) values (0,
      update storeitem set TRACKINVENTORY='N' where TRACKINVENTORY='Y;
    • To configure the message for a particular store:
      insert into cmdreg (STOREENT_ID,INTERFACENAME,CLASSNAME,TARGET) values (
      update storeitem set TRACKINVENTORY='N' where TRACKINVENTORY='Y and storeent_id=
  3. Define the properties of the CheckInventoryAvailabilityBE message:
    1. Open the Administration Console.
    2. Select site or store configuration.
    3. Click Configuration > Message Types. The Message Transport Assignment page displays.
    4. Click New.
    5. From the Message Type list, select Checks inventory availability from a backend system.
    6. In the Message Severity field, enter 0.
    7. From the Transport list, select the transport capable of processing this message.
    8. From the Device Format list, select Standard Device Format; then click Next.
  4. Update any fields needed.
  5. Click Finish.