Administration Console

Site Administrators use the Administration Console to control a site or store by completing administrative operations and configuration tasks such as refreshing the registry. You can access the Administration Console at a site-level, or for a particular store.

The following screen capture provides a quick look at the Administration Console for the MadisonsBVT store.
Screen capture that shows the Administration Console for a store.

What you can do with the Administration Console

Tasks Details For more information
Maintain security settings for your site
  • Set up account-related, password, and account lockout policies
Track messages and transactions for your business
  • View unsent messages
  • View archived messages
  • Run business auditing reports (store-level)
Configure messaging for your business
  • Set up message transports and types, such as email or plain text
  • Schedule common jobs that the system should run at particular intervals
  • Update registry components
  • Enable or disable HCL Commerce components for the current session
  • Configure email activity templates
  • View the product information for the version of HCL Commerce you are using
Manage access control policies for the site
  • Set up access control policies to define which users can perform which tasks
  • Existing access control settings can be edited.
  • Edit pre-existing access control settings
Access control policy