Business events

Each time that a command triggers a business event, a record is added to the BUSEVENT database table to persist data from the event. Event listeners and external systems (such as the Marketing component, a back end order management system, or an external analytics system) can use this data to perform further processing.

Tip: If you do not require further processing for a specific business event, you can set the enable parameter for the event to false in the HCL Commerce configuration file (wc-server.xml). This disables the business event so that records are not created in the BUSEVENT database table when that event is triggered.

If the data generated from a business event is too large for a single database record, multiple records are created in the BUSEVENT database table. These records share the same BUSEVENT_ID, but each have a unique SEQUENCE value. When a record is first added to the BUSEVENT database table, the value of the CHECKED column is 0.