Configuring validation for No Operation (NOOP) messages

HCL Commerce uses SMTP connection pooling by default. SMTPTransport.isConnected() is used for validation before getting a connection from the pool, and sends a No Operation (NOOP) message. Some firewalls might be configured to introduce a delay after receiving several NOOP messages to protect against Denial of Service attacks. You must either validate the firewall and SMTP configurations for NOOP messages, or set mail.smtp.userset to true.

Perform the following steps to set mail.smtp.userset to true:


  1. Create a file named in the WAS_installdir/lib directory.
  2. Include the following parameter in the file:

    For a list of possible JavaMail configuration parameters, see the package description of Package com.sun.mail.smtp.

  3. Restart the HCL Commerce JVM for the changes to take effect.