Enabling the Report_NC_PurchaseOrder message

The Order Create outbound message can be enabled in either XML format, or the legacy format.

The two formats are generated by the following task commands:
  • SendXMLOrder generates the Report_NC_PurchaseOrder XML message.
  • SendWCSOrder generates the Order Create legacy message.
It is recommended that you use the XML format unless you are migrating from a previous version of HCL Commerce and want to maintain the existing format. You cannot enable both.

The default JSP, OrderCreateXML.jsp, for the XML message is located in the following directory: WC_eardir/storedir


  1. Enable one of the following messages:
    • To enable the Report_NC_PurchaseOrder XML message update your database table using the following SQL statement:
      update cmdreg set
      classname='com.ibm.commerce.messaging.commands.SendXMLOrderCmdImpl' where
    • To enable the Order Create legacy message, update your database CMDREG table using the following SQL statement:
      update cmdreg set
      classname='com.ibm.commerce.messaging.commands.SendWCSOrderCmdImpl' where
  2. Assign the Outbound message for HCL Commerce XML Order Create or Outbound message for HCL Commerce Legacy Order Create message type to the MQ Transport. You can modify the following properties: the JMS Queue Connection Factory, the outbound queue name, the inbound queue name, and the error queue name.
  3. Restart HCL Commerce.