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Adding a new service request handler

The IBM Sales Center service request extension point is the mechanism by which requests are made of the server and the request results are handled and the model is updated. The class that constructs the request and interprets the response is the request handler. This section explains how to add a new service request handler.

About this task

To send a new Business Object Document (BOD) message to the server:


  1. Provide an implementation of the ITelesalesRequestHandler interface by extending the TelesalesRequest class. This class is responsible for creating the BOD and interpreting the response. Refer to the API documentation for TelesalesRequest for more information about extending this class.
  2. Register the new implementation of the ITelesalesRequestHandler interface by creating an extension definition of the service requests extension point. For example:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <?eclipse version="3.0"?>
          <configurator path="config"/>
       <!-- Logon -->