Introduced in Feature Pack 3WebSphere Commerce EnterpriseWebSphere Commerce Professional

Approving and rejecting task groups

If you are a task group approver, you can approve or reject a task group. When all of the tasks in the task group are marked as complete by the contributors, you receive an approval task in your To Do folder. Use the approval task to review and then approve or reject the task group.

Before you begin

Ensure that you are logged in to the Workspace Management tool as one of the following roles:
  • Workspace manager
  • Task group approver


  1. Open the Workspace Management tool.
  2. In the explorer view, click the To Do folder.
    The task list view displays.
  3. Right-click the approval task; then click Work On.
    The status icon changes to Working Working.
  4. Double-click the approval task.
  5. To understand the changes you are approving in this task group, review the Comments tab and the History tab.
  6. To review the changes in this task group, open the appropriate Management Center tool and review the changes.

    For example, if the History tab shows that a new web activity was created under this task group, you can open the Marketing tool, find the web activity, and review it.

  7. To preview the changes in this task group on the storefront, use the store preview function.
  8. When you complete your review, return to the Workspace Management tool.
  9. Do one of the following things:
    • To approve the task group:
      1. Click your To Do folder.
      2. In the To Do - Task List, right-click the approval task.
      3. Click Approve.
      Important: Make sure that you want to approve the task group. After a task group is approved, you cannot unapprove it.

      The approval task moves to the Approved folder and the task group is approved. The changes in the task group are committed for publishing according to the Scheduled commit option selected for the task group.

    • To reject the task group:
      1. Click your To Do folder.
      2. Double-click the approval task.
      3. Click the Comments tab, and type one or more comments that explain to contributors why you are rejecting the task group. For example, your comment can identify:
        • The name of the task that contains the problem.
        • The name of the business object that must be corrected.
        • Details about what to correct.
      4. Click Save; then click Close.
      5. In the To Do - Task List, right-click the approval task.
      6. Click Reject.

      The status of all tasks in this rejected task group are changed to Re-do and returned to the To Do folders of the contributors so that they can fix the problem.