Changing a custom activity template

You can change your custom activity templates to correct errors, add or remove elements, or change element properties. You cannot change the six standard activity templates supplied with the Management Center.


  1. Open the Marketing tool.
  2. From the explorer view, click the Activity Templates folder.
    The Activity Templates - List page displays.
  3. Right-click the custom activity template that you want to change; then click Open.
    The activity builder displays the selected custom activity template.
  4. To change one or more elements in the template:
    1. Click any element to open the properties editor for that element.
    2. Change the properties associated with that element.
  5. To add another element to the template:
    1. Drag a new element onto the flow connector in the work area.
    2. Define any properties appropriate for the new element.
  6. To remove an element from the activity, right-click the element; then click Remove.
  7. Update, add, or remove additional elements to complete the changes to the template.
  8. Click Save Save to save the changes to the template. Click Close to close the page.