Custom activity templates

Create custom activity templates for your Web and Dialog activities if the standard activity templates do not meet your needs. Custom activity templates can save you time: you can save any activity as a template and then reuse it again and again as a starting point when you build similar activities.

WebSphere Commerce ProfessionalWebSphere Commerce EnterpriseDialog activities are available only in the Professional and Enterprise editions of WebSphere Commerce.

After you create a custom activity template, you can select it from the Custom Templates folder when you are creating new activities. The system creates a new activity that is based on the template. You can then make changes to the new activity. Custom activity templates are also listed in the Activity Templates - List in the explorer view.


Each week, you advertise a different special promotion in a home page e-Marketing Spot to customers with Preferred Customer status. Your Web activity looks like this:

Example of a custom activity template

To avoid having to create a new Web activity from scratch for each week, you create a custom activity template that is based on the existing activity. You then create a series of weekly Web activities that are based on the template, changing only the properties of the Recommend Promotion element in each weekly Web activity.