WebSphere Commerce EnterpriseFeature Pack 6 or later

Adding catalog entry description overrides

If your store is an extended sites store, you can use the Catalogs tool to set store specific catalog entry descriptive information for inherited catalog entries. By setting store-specific descriptions, you override the inherited asset store descriptions and ensure that your store-specific descriptions displays in the storefront for your catalog entries.

Before you begin

If your extended site store is published on a previous Feature Pack level of WebSphere Commerce, you must have a Site Administrator migrate your store to use descriptions overrides. For more information, see Migrating a store to use catalog entry description overrides.


  1. In your extended site store, Open the Catalogs tool.
  2. From the explorer filter, select Master Catalog or Master Catalog Categories.
  3. Find the inherited catalog entry that contains the descriptive information you want to override.
  4. Right-click the catalog entry; then click Open.
    The properties view for the catalog entry displays.
  5. Click the Manage Catalog Entry tab for the catalog entry.
  6. Expand the General Catalog Entry Information section; then set or change the override fields for the information that displays in the storefront for your extended site store:
    Name (your extended site store) The name of the catalog entry that displays in the storefront.
    ShortDescription (your extended site store) Type a brief description of the catalog entry.
    LongDescription (your extended site store) Type a detailed description, if applicable.
    Keyword (your extended site store) Keyword that is used for searching. To include keywords, separate the words by commas within double quotation marks. Example "keywords 1, keywords 2, keywords 3".
  7. Expand the Display section. Complete the following information:
    Thumbnail (your extended site store) Type the path to the thumbnail image and the name of the image, such as images/shirt.jpg.
    FullImage (your extended site store) Type the path to the full-size image and the name of the image, such as images/shirt.jpg.
  8. Click Save; then click Close.
    Note: If you want to display the asset store descriptive information for a catalog entry property after you set override information, you must either set the value for a property to "use setting from the Asset store", or remove any entered value. If no override information is set, then the asset store name displays. If you remove the override name, then the asset store name displays again.