Sequencing categories

To change the order in which customers see categories on your site, change the display sequence of the category.

Note: If your store uses faceted navigation attributes in categories, the following procedure does not affect the sequencing of categories within the category facet. Instead, the following behavior applies by default:
  • Sequencing categories is respected in the starter store department menu dropdown.
  • Categories in the category facet can be ordered alphanumerically or by count. They are ordered by count by default. The category sequence values entered in this procedure are ignored. That is, they cannot be ordered be sequence.
For more information, see Managing faceted navigation attributes in categories.


  1. Open the Catalogs tool.
  2. From the explorer filter, select the Master Catalog Categories or Sales Catalog.
  3. On the explorer tree, click the parent category or go to its child category.
  4. To change the display sequence, in the list view, select the Display Sequence of a category or child category; then, press Enter.
    The Display Sequence column is editable.
  5. Type a new display sequence number. Numbers are displayed in ascending order.
  6. Click Save; then click Close.