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Modifying the SEO desktop URL keyword for static store pages

Use the Store Management tool to modify the desktop URL keyword of a static store page, such as the Contact Us or Privacy Policy page. You can change the URL if you make a typographical error, or if an SEO expert suggests the use of another URL for the static page that would rank better.

Feature Pack 7 or laterNote: If your store is based on the Feature Pack 7 Aurora starter store, use the Commerce Composer tool to change the URL keyword, page title, meta description, and meta keyword for a content page. For more information, see Changing the SEO properties for content pages. If your store is based on an older starter store, use the Store Management tool to change SEO information. The Commerce Composer tool is not available for these stores.


  1. Open the Store Management tool.
  2. In the explorer view filter, click Stores.
    The Stores list view displays, containing a list of the stores that you are authorized to work with.
  3. Right-click the store that you want to change the information for; then, click Open to open the properties view for the selected store.
  4. Click the Search Engine Optimization tab.
  5. Select the static page for which you want to modify the desktop url keyword.
    • For a single store, enter a new desktop URL keyword.
    • WebSphere Commerce EnterpriseFor an extended site store, both the storefront asset store and the extended site store are displayed:
      1. Expand the sections for both stores.
      2. To provide a different desktop URL keyword for the extended site store, enter a new URL keyword in the extended site store desktop URL keyword. By default, the desktop URL keyword for the extended site store is the same as the storefront asset store.
  6. Click Save.

What to do next

Confirm your changes:
  1. When you are ready to test your changes, select File > Store Preview.
  2. Click Launch Store Preview.
  3. Go to the modified static page.
  4. Confirm that the desktop URL keyword is updated.