Introduced in Feature Pack 3

Viewing the IBM Digital Analytics E-Marketing Spots report

For each e-Marketing Spot on your storefront, you can generate a report from IBM Digital Analytics, formerly known as Coremetrics Analytics. This report can provide metrics for clicks, sales, orders, and more information. Use the E-Marketing Spots report to understand which e-Marketing Spots are generating the most value, and to see which web and email activities are generating the best returns for a specific e-Marketing Spot.

Before you begin

Your site must be integrated with IBM Digital Analytics.


  1. Open the Marketing tool.
  2. In the explorer view, right-click the E-Marketing Spots folder.
  3. Click View E-Marketing Spots Report.
  4. If prompted, log on to IBM Digital Analytics.


In a new browser, the E-Marketing Spots report displays in IBM Digital Analytics.