Manage Automated Device Enrollment Policies

Learn how to manage DEP policies.

About this task

To manage DEP policies:


  1. Log in to BigFix WebUI as a Master Operator.
  2. From the WebUI main page, click Apps > MCM.
  3. On the Modern Client Management page, click Admin > Automated Device Enrollment > Manage Policies. The following page appears that lists all the relevant policies:
  4. Manage policies:
    • To refine the resultant list of policies, select appropriate filters.
    • To edit an existing policy, click the pen icon next to the desired policy, make the changes, and click Save.
    • To delete a policy, click the trash icon next to the desired policy, and click Delete to confirm.
    • To create a new policy, click Create Policy.
    • To deploy a policy to the DEP server, select a policy from the list and click Deploy.