Enrollment using PPKG - Windows 10

If Windows provisioning package is present in the MDM server, you have different options to enroll Windows 10 devices.

For information on how to create and deploy Windows provisioning package, see Bulk enrollment - Windows 10.
Important: Ensure that Windows provisioning package (.ppkg file) is not already present in the targeted devices before enrollment. If you are re-enrolling a Windows device, ensure the .ppkg file is manually deleted.

Over-The-Air enrollment: If the MDM server has a Windows provisioning package, when the users on Windows 10 devices hit the MDM Server’s Enrollment URL, the .ppkg file is presented upon successful authentication. Users can use this .ppkg file to automatically enroll with MDM.

Note: When the .ppkg is generated by User1 and enrolled over-the-air by User2 (an LDAP user), the endpoint gets successfully enrolled, but the Work or school account shows the enrolled user as User1 (who generated the .ppkg).

Enrollment via E-mail or link to download PPKG file: If the admin shares the .ppkg file with the endpoint user via E-mail, downloadable link, or any other means, and if the endpoint user on Windows 10 double clicks that .ppkg file, MDM enrollment profile is added to the endpoint.