How targets securely authenticate with the server

After you enable the secure authentication property, you can enable targets to securely register or update their details in the Remote Control database.

New registrations

For a new target or an existing target to contact the server after the secure registration feature is enabled, use the following process to implement secure authentication:

The target uses the registration token when it contacts the server. The server verifies that the token matches an existing token on the server. If the token is valid, the new target is registered in the server or the details of the existing target are updated. The response from the server to the target provides an endpoint token. The target uses the endpoint token in subsequent callhomes to the server.
Note: The registration token in the property RegistrationToken which is contained in the registry key (Windows) or in the configuration file (UNIX) is deleted as soon as the target registers to the server and obtains the endpoint token.

Updates to target entries after they register

When a target contacts the server after it registers, the following process is used to implement secure authentication:

  • When the target contacts the server, it sends the endpoint token.
  • If the target details on the server contain the same endpoint token, the target details are updated in the database. If the tokens do not match, the target details are not updated.