Issue information pane

The Issue information pane shows all content available for the issue.

To open the Issues pane for an issue:
  • On the Issues page, click a specific issue.
    The Issue information pane opens to the right of the screen.
    Tip: You can toggle between issues by selecting different issues on the main page, with the information pane open.

Issue information pane tabs

Tab Description
Issue details Shows the basic issue parameters, issue type, test requests and responses, and where possible highlights the part of the code where the vulnerability is contained or shown.
How to fix Offers detailed information on cause, risk, exploit example, fix recommendation, CWE, related articles and external references.

Where possible, a large selection of code-specific information is available by clicking the relevat code name (.Net, Angular, Apex and so on) directly underneath the issue name.

Comments Use this tab to add your own comments that will be visible to you and other users, and included in reports.
Audit trail The audit trail for this issue.