Following your first scan, if you fix issues you can scan the same app again multiple times and overwrite the previous results, so the dashboard always displays the current results. When you scan again (rather than starting a new scan), the new scan overwrites the previous one.

About this task

The following conditions apply to the free rescan option:
  • You must scan the same app as you originally scanned (same file or Starting URL). To scan a different application, you must start a new scan.
  • You must not delete the previous scan, but use Scan again to overwrite it. Deleting a scan removes it from the records and voids the rescan option.
  • Pay-per-scan plan: Rescans are not free, but are charged as separate scans.


To rescan your app:
  1. Click Scan again.

    You receive a warning that the new scan overwrites the previous one. To save the current report, click Download Report.

  2. Click Scan again to continue.
    Private sites only: If the presence used for the original scan was deleted or is otherwise unavailable, you must select a valid presence before you continue.
  3. Static, or Dynamic using AppScan Configuration: Click Select file, browse to the updated IRX, SCAN, or SCANT file on your computer, and click Open. The file uploads and the scan automatically starts.