Generating reports

You can generate an HTML security report for issues that were discovered in an application and send them to developers, internal auditors, penetration testers, managers, and the CISO. Security information might be extensive, and can be filtered depending on your requirements.


  1. In My Application > Application tab, go to the Issue Management tab.
  2. Select all the issues, or select just the relevant ones you want to create a targeted report.
    Tip: Try filtering or searching to narrow the list.
  3. Click Run Report.
  4. Follow the reporting template wizard to configure the report layout, and then run the report. Then you can view it in the browser.
    Tip: Use the application's name as part of the title, especially if you're going to be generating and circulating a lot of reports to your stakeholders.

What to do next

Distribute the report to stakeholders to show progress towards compliance goals.