Scan data

Scans view lists all scans in all your applications.

Partial scans

When a scan completes with results, but not all visited pages or discovered elements were tested, explored links or discovered elements were tested, it shows in the scan page as "Completed", but with a yellow icon.

When you open the entry for the scan, you see the message "Completed with partial results..."

The Partial scans filter (see image above), lets you focus on these scans.

All scans page options

Action Description
Ask an expert (Only when list is for all scans in an application:) Lets you schedule an online consultation with an AppScan expert.
Create scan (Only when list is for all scans in an application:) Opens the scan creation wizard. See Scanning and monitoring
Filters To filter the list of scans shown:
  • Click one or both of the quick filter buttons, or
  • Select one or more filters (check boxes) in the All filters drop-down list.
    Tip: When done, click All filters again to close the list.
To remove all applied filters, click Clear filters.
twistie icon Click the twistie at the left of any scan row to view summary details of this scan (see the third scan entry in the figure above).
Scan name (DAST only:) Click on the name to open the scan page, with full details of this scan. See Single scan view.
personal scan icon This icon appears at the right end of scans that were run as personal scans. To promote, click elipsis icon and select Promote scan
elipsis icon Click this icon at the end of any row to select these actions:
  • Report (open scan report dialog)
  • Promote (personal scans only)
  • Rescan
  • Download log
  • Download scan
  • Rename
  • Delete
The actions available vary according to context.