The Scan History tab of your application displays your scan results (including scan statistics) and rescan options.

Table 1. Results and report types

Report level

Report type



  • Security Report
  • CWE/SANS Top 25 Most Dangerous Errors
  • EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • OWASP Top 10 2017
  • PCI Compliance
  • US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability

Application reports include all scans in the application. All New, Open and In Progress issues are included; Fixed, Noise and Passed issues are excluded.

To generate an Application Report:

Click the Application Reports button at the top of the Application tab, and select one of the report types.


Security Report

Security Reports contain all the issues found in the latest version of a scan. It is downloaded from Scan History view in the application tab.

To download a Security Report:

In Scan History view of the application tab, locate the scan you want, click its Download icon, and select the options you need.

Static Analysis Scan

Open Source License Report

This report lists all the open source libraries found by this scan in your code, and their associated risk level. These risk levels are not equivalent to Severity Level in ASoC, and do not indicate the vulnerabilities of specific issues. You can see if any of the libraries have known vulnerabilities in Issue Management view.
Note: Access to this report requires a subscription.

To download an Open Source License Report:

In Scan History view of the application tab, locate the scan you want, click its Download icon, move to the Open Source License tab, and select the options you need.


Filtered Security Report

In Issue Management view of the application tab you can use a variety of filters to filter the issues list, and then generate a Security Report for the selection.

To generate a Filtered Security Report:

In Issue Management view of the application tab, filter the list and click Filtered Security Report.

Scan History

The Scan History tab for an application shows each scanned application in its own row, and the results of the most recent scan for each, with the following options:
  • Rescan icon: Rescans the same site/application where valid.
  • Download icon: Opens the dialog box for configuring and creating a Security Report for the most recent version of the selected scan to your computer, and other reports depending on the type of scan. The Security Report shows the application's vulnerability to a range of security issues, indicating severity, number of issues that are found, associated security risks, suggested remediation tasks and other details. Note that all issues found are included in this report, even if they were For Free plan users, the download contains only the summary section of the report.
  • Trash icon: Removes the entire entry for the application (and voids the rescan option).
  • Check boxes: Select one or more scans. Select the check box at the top of the table to select all scans.
  • Delete: Deletes all scans whose check boxes are selected.

Finding your scan results

You can easily find scan results, regardless of the app they belong to. Go to Main menu > My Scans and then search the flat list of scans by using a full or partial name of the scan you're trying to find. You can also filter the list of scans by their scan status to narrow your search.

Ask an Expert

AppScan for You subscribers can connect to an AppScan technical security expert to assist with configuring and running scans, interpreting application findings and providing remediation and mitigation guidance. Click Ask an Expert to schedule time to meet with an AppScan expert at your convenience. Learn more about AppScan for You here.