Main menu

This section describes the items on the main ASoC menu, and provides links to the relevant documentation.

Open the main toolbar by clicking the Main menu icon at the top left of the screen.

Table 1. The main ASoC menu




The dashboard helps you track a variety of metrics and trends for the applications in the asset groups you belong to within your organization. See Measuring progress, and Dashboard charts.

My Applications

Lists all applications in the asset groups you belong to within your organization.


Policies are a way of filtering the issues found in scans so you see only those that are of interest to you. You can create your own policies, or use pre-defined policies, and associate one or more of them with an application. See Policies


A list of all scans in your organization within the asset groups to which you are assigned.

AppScan Presences

An AppScan Presence on your server enables you to scan sites not accessible from the Internet, and to incorporate scanning as part of your functional testing. See AppScan Presence.

User Management

User management helps you restrict access to sensitive apps by assigning them to asset groups and then adding specific users to those groups. See Users, User roles, and Asset groups.

My Subscriptions

The Subscriptions page shows the status of all your organization's subscriptions, including the number applications or scans left, and the start and end dates. See Subscriptions.


Used for generating a new API Key if needed, and for Domain Verification (verifying your permission to scan a particular domain). See REST API, and Generating API Keys, and .