Open source libraries

Search for, review, and take action on open source libraries associated with applications.

Searching for open source libraries

Note: Open source library search requires the Software Composition Analyzer subscription. Learn more about Software Composition Analysis.
When you click on Libraries in the menu bar, you first search
ASoC for a library in applications available to you:
  • Type the name of an open source library into the text box, then click Search.


If there are results, ASoC lists libraries that meet search criteria in applications to which the user has access though asset group membership.

Open source libraries page options

Table 1.
Item or option Description
Search/New search Search for an open source library.
Export Export search results in either CSV or JSON file format.
Library name The full name of open source library that meets search criteria.
Version The version of the open source library in use.
Last found The date the open source library was last found an associated applications.
Applications The number of applications that use the library