All applications

The Applications page lists all applications in your organization that are within the asset groups to which you are assigned. You can use it to create new applications, and open individual application pages.

An ASoC application is a collection of scans related to the same project. It can be a web site, a desktop app, a mobile app, a web service, or any component of an app. Applications enable you to asses risk, identify trends, and make sure that your project is compliant with industry and organization policies.
Tip: If there are no applications on this page, you must create one before you can run any scans.

All applications page options

Option Description
Create a new application See Creating an application.
Filters To filter the list of applications shown:
  • Click one or both of the quick filter buttons, or
  • Select one or more filters (check boxes) in the All filters drop-down list.
    Tip: When done, click All filters again to close the list.
To remove all applied filters, click Clear filters.
Columns By default the columns show risk rating, application name, and a few other application attributes, but you can
  • Choose from many more attributes by clicking the columns drop-down list.
  • Remove columns by clearing check boxes.
  • Drag-and-drop column headers to change the order of the columns shown.
  • Click a column header to order entries.
Edit icon Click this icon at the end of any row to edit that specific application's attributes: name, business impact, asset group, and more. See Application attributes.