AppScan Presence

An AppScan Presence on your server enables you to scan sites not accessible from the Internet, and to incorporate scanning as part of your functional testing.

For web apps that are not accessible from the Internet you must create an AppScan Presence, with access to the web app or back-end server, and to the Internet, to be able to scan. Then follow the regular instructions for dynamic scanning. Proxy connections are supported.
Important: On March 13, 2022 a new version (V2) of the Presence was released. V2 offers improved stability and performance, as well as a log that lists all authorities (host:port) that the Presence accessed.
  • V2 does not include the AppScan DAST Proxy Server. This is now available as a separate download, called the AppScan Traffic Recorder.
  • V1 will continue to be available and supported until October 1, 2022.
If you already have V1 installed, you should update to V2 to benefit from its advantages. For details see Upgrading to the new AppScan Presence.


For scanning a private site that requires a client certificate, see: