Creating the AppScan Presence

For private web apps, or for including a scan as part of your functional testing procedure, you must create an AppScan Presence, with access to the web app or back-end server, and to the Internet. Proxy connections are supported.

About this task

This service is not available with the Free plan.
Figure 1. Scanning a secure network

Private network

For details of how private site scanning works "under the hood", refer to Understanding Private Site Scanning


  1. Click Main > AppScan Presence Create Presence .
  2. At the Name your presence screen, enter a unique name for the AppScan Presence and click Next.
  3. At the Download presence screen, select the network's operating system (Linux or Windows), then click Download and save the compressed file.
  4. Click Done.

    The new presence is added to the list of presences, with Status: "Inactive", and the Key Expiry Date.

  5. Extract the Presence files, and save them on a computer in the same network as your site. The computer must have access to the site and to the Internet.
  6. If the Presence needs to connect to the app or Internet by proxy, Configuring a Private Site Server proxy for the Presence.
  7. Starting the AppScan Presence.