Using AppScan Standard scans or templates

What is the benefit of using AppScan Standard?

If you have specific configuration requirements, you can configure and use your own AppScan Standard scan or scan template, and use it for your scan. A SCAN file is an actual AppScan scan with results; a SCANT file is an AppScan Standard configuration without results. You can use either as the basis of your ASoC scan. You can also record and validate the login procedure only, save as a LOGIN file, and upload to use in your ASoC scan.

Examples of specific cases where you might want to use a custom AppScan Standard SCAN, SCANT, or LOGIN file are:
  • The site has a complex login procedure that you want to record
  • You want to limit the scan to a specific part of the site
  • You want to use custom parameters
  • There are parts of the site that can only be reached by clicking links in a specific order

How to obtain AppScan Standard

Even without purchasing a license, you can use AppScan Standard to create configurations, upload configurations to run on ASoC, and download results to review.