Upgrade to AppScan Presence V2

AppScan Presence version 1 was deprecated in October 2022. If you have a V1 AppScan Presence installed, follow these instructions to upgrade to V2.

About this task

You can use the old Presence key for the new version, as long as you do not run both Presences at the same time.


  1. Download the new Presence for Windows or Linux as needed:
    • North America data center:
    • Western Europe data center:
  2. Extract the contents of the ZIP file.
  3. Copy the Presence.key file from the old Presence folder to the new one.
  4. If the old Presence contained custom configuration settings (in the config.properties file) you must set the same configuration in the new file (appsettings.json) in the new Presence.
  5. Verify that the old Presence is not running. You must not run the two Presences at the same time with the same key.
  6. Start the new Presence.