Single scan view

This view collects together all the data for a specific DAST or SAST scan, including all executions of the scan.

The individual scan page can be opened in two ways:
  • Applications > Application > View all scans > scan page
  • Scans > scan page
The page contains detailed information about the scan in three tabs: Overview, Issues, Fix groups, and Configuration.


The upper area shows the scan name. Select the specific execution of the scan to view from a drop-down list by date .


For the selected scan execution, this tab displays:
  • Details: Status, start and end dates, scanned by, and duration
  • Coverage: Number of visited pages and tested elements
  • Issues by Severity chart
  • Execution log
    Note: The log pane shows only the latest section of the log. To see the whole log, click the Download link.
Possible scan statuses are:
  • Configuration saved: The scan has been configured but not yet started by the user.
  • Queued: You started the scan, but it is not yet running due to the limit on the number of concurrent scans. It will run as soon as allowed by your subscription.
  • Initialized: You started the scan and it will start running within a few seconds.
  • Running: Scan in progress.
  • Pausing: You paused the scan. Click Resume to continue.
  • Under review: The scan configuration requires review my our support team and will continue when this has been done.
  • Completed: Scan completed successfully.
  • Failed: Scan failed.


For the selected scan execution, this tab displays a list of all issues found. Filters are available, and the columns shown can be selected from the dropdown list.

Fix groups

For the selected scan execution, this tab displays the fix groups for the issues found.


For the selected scan execution, this tab displays (where applicable):
  • Scan and execution IDs
  • URL (where the scan started) and domains
  • Login type
  • Explore type (automatic or guided)
  • Network type (public or private)
  • Test options (optimization and policy used)