Importing issues from 3rd party scanners

Whether you use third-party scanners or conduct manual pen tests to discover issues, you can import the issues from a CSV file into ASoC for triaging.


  1. Prepare the CSV file for import:
    1. Scan your environment for vulnerabilities and export a comma-separated value (CSV) file of the issues.
      • Make sure that the content of the CSV is translated to the language of your locale before you import the list of issues. Replace the English text in the column headers in the sample CSV file with the appropriate translated column headers in the Column Selection list. You can find this list when you open an issue from an application.
      • Make sure that the CSV uses UTF-8 encoding.
      • The file size limit is 200 MB.
      • If the field or cell contains a comma, the field or cell must be enclosed by double quotation marks (").
    2. Download the sample CSV file from the Import Issues dialog to see what kind of issue attributes ASoC expects.
      Tip: Modify the sample CSV file and use it as a template for all of your third-party scanners.
  2. Import the issues:
    1. On an application tab, go to the Issues view and click Import Issues.
    2. Locate the file, give it a scan or test name, and click Import. Check the import log for errors. Otherwise, close the dialog.

What to do next

Triage the issues.