Creating requests

If you do not have permission to create a project, you create a project request.

Before you begin

When you create a project request, note the following behavior:

  • You must create the request and then submit it.
  • You must have the appropriate security permission.
  • After the recipient accepts the request, the recipient owns the project. (You are the requester.)

About this task

When you create a request, the pages in the wizard that you complete differ depending on the type of project you want to create. A typical request contains the following sections:

  • Summary information about the request
  • Tracking information
  • Attachments that are part of the request


  1. Select Operations > Projects.
  2. Click Add Request (Page with plus sign).
    The Add Request dialog opens.
  3. Select a template for your request.

    Your administrator sets up project templates that correspond to the types of projects that your organization undertakes. To request a project that uses Unica Plan-Unica Campaign integration features, you must select a campaign project template.

  4. Click Continue.
  5. Use the Add Project wizard to supply values for the project fields.
    Each request identifies recipients to review and redraft or approve the request. If the template you selected allows these modifications, you can also:
    • Add recipients.
    • Change recipient roles.
    • Change the duration periods for responses.
    • Change the sequence numbers that order request receipt and approval.
    • Specify whether a response is required.
  6. When you save the request, the system verifies that all required fields have a value. It also completes optional fields by supplying default values from the template when available. To save your request, use one of the following options:
    • Click Finish.
    • Click Save and Duplicate. The system saves the initial request and then uses the same information to create another request. The Summary tab displays for the duplicate request: edit the default name that is supplied for the duplicate and other fields as needed, then save that request as well.
    • Click Save and Return to List on any page.
  7. Submit the request to the first reviewer.

    You cannot change the request after the first reviewer approves the project request. If you need to change a request after the first reviewer approves the project, you should change the project status to draft and resubmit the project after you make your changes.


When the last required recipient approves the request, Unica Plan creates the project.