In Unica Plan, you can view all changes that were made to an invoice, including the time and date of the changes and the type of changes made.

An invoice typically bills for multiple items or services, and itemizes them. It is important to be able to capture each item or service separately. Different line items can be attributed to different projects, programs, and accounts.

For example, one invoice contains two line items, the first associated with a project called Trade show, and the other associated with a program called Database Marketing Campaign. One line item can be associated with Account 1, and the other, with Account 2.

From version 12.1.6, you can adjust the width of only the Name column in the Invoice listing page. This helps you view the complete Invoice name rather than having to hover the mouse over the Invoice to view the complete Invoice name in the tooltip.

After you create an invoice, you can do any of the following actions from its Summary tab.

  • Edit the summary information of the invoice.
  • Add or edit line items for the invoice.
  • Delete the invoice.
  • Change the status of the invoice.
  • Print the Invoice summary page.