Printing the invoice summary

You can print all information found on your invoice summary page or select certain columns of information to print.

About this task

To print the invoice summary, complete the following steps.


  1. Navigate to the summary page of the invoice you want to print.
  2. Click the Print icon Printer image.

    A window appears with a list of columns from which you can choose to print. By default, all columns are selected.

  3. Clear any columns that you do not want to print.
  4. By default, the Shrink to Fit Landscape Page Width box is checked. Clear this box to print the columns at a size of 100%.

    Selecting this option shrinks the page to fit all selected columns onto a single page. If you use this feature, change your printing preference for this print job to landscape.

  5. Click Print Selected Columns.

    A preview window appears, showing you what the printed information will look like.

  6. Click Print.
  7. In the Print dialog, select your printer and printer options, and click Print to print the selected columns.
    Tip: Choose landscape mode for best results.
  8. In the preview window, click Close to close the print preview.