Invoice status types

In Unica Plan, invoices can be in the Draft, Canceled, Payable, Under Review, or Paid state.

When you change an invoice from one state to another, you can add comments. Unica Plan records these comments in the invoice revision history.

Note: You must add comments when you change the invoice status to Paid. When you change an invoice to Paid, you can enter the date on which the invoice was marked Paid.

The following table describes the invoice status types.

Table 1. Invoice status types
Status Description
Draft Indicates that the invoice is still being worked on. An invoice is in the Draft state when it is first created. To move an invoice out of the Draft state, you must add line items.

If necessary, you can place an invoice in the Draft state by choosing Re-draft Invoice from the Change Status menu.

Canceled Canceling an invoice is not the same as deleting an invoice. When you cancel an invoice, it is not active but you can still view it in Unica Plan. Deleting an invoice removes it from the system. When you move an invoice to Canceled, Unica Plan sends an alert to the invoice owners.
Under Review Approvers are currently examining the invoice line items.
Note: This internal status occurs after you mark an invoice Payable.
Payable Items on the invoice were reviewed, and the invoice is ready to be sent to Accounts Payable. When you move an invoice to Payable, the owner of the account to which the invoice belongs receives a notification.

If your organization uses the invoice approval function, changing an invoice state to Payable triggers the Unica Plan approval process. The invoice can enter the Under Review state while approvers examine the line items. For more information, see Invoice Line Item Approvals.

Paid The invoice is paid. When you move an invoice to this status, the system triggers invoice rollup. This status is not available until the approval process is complete.