New Invoice page

The following table describes the fields available on the New Invoice page.

Table 1. Fields on the New Invoice page
Field Description
Invoice # Enter an invoice number:
  • A number that is provided to you by an external vendor or supplier in a paper invoice
  • An original number based on your company's code schema for internal invoices or expense reports
Note: Invoice numbers are not required to be unique across all the invoices in Unica Plan, but they must be unique among all invoices for a particular vendor.
Vendor Name Select a vendor from the drop-down list.

Unica Plan administrators populate this list. If you cannot find a vendor on the list, ask your administrator.

Owner(s) Click Add/Remove Members to add or remove owners. By default, this field contains the name of the invoice creator.
Security Policy Select the invoice security policy from the drop-down list.

The default value is Global.

Purchase Order # Enter the purchase order number that is associated with the work now being invoiced. Typically, this value is an internal company number. In some cases, the purchase order number is used to track preapproved invoices.
Invoice Date Enter the billing date of the invoice or select it on the calendar.
Due Date Enter the date by which the vendor expects payment or select it on the calendar.
Other Notes Enter any helpful notes or comments that are related to the invoice.
Payment Terms Enter any notes about the payment.