Canceling or redrafting requests

To edit a request, you can cancel or redraft it. You can add or change information for a request before recipients accepted the request or if a required recipient returns the request.


  1. Go to the Summary tab of the request you want to change.
    For example, click Operations > Projects. Click Actions (Folder image) and select a view, such as All Projects and Requests, that includes projects in Green circleSubmitted status.
  2. To cancel the request, click Change Status and select Cancel Request or Cancel Request with comments from the list.
  3. Alternatively, to redraft the request, click Change Status and select Re-draft Request or Re-draft Request with comments from the list.
  4. Optional: If you chose an option "with comments," type comments that indicate the reason for the cancellation or revision, and click Continue.


The status of the request changes to Gray circleCanceled or Gray circleDraft.

While you redraft a request, recipients cannot respond to the original request. If you must change recipients, click Edit.

What to do next

When you resubmit a request, recipients are notified according to the reapproval rule selected when the request was created. Reapproval rules might allow you to select recipients. In this case, if you did not change recipients when you redrafted the request, you can select from a list of required recipients who accepted the request when you resubmit it. If the recipients were assigned sequence numbers, recipients are notified in sequence.