Linked projects

Marketing projects often involve people from outside the marketing department, making it difficult to track everything with a single, comprehensive project. You can use multiple linked projects or subprojects to manage these tasks.

For example, work for an upcoming trade show involves the following tasks, each a project in its own right.

  • Identify and assign individuals to attend, present, cover the booth, and so on.
  • Produce marketing collateral.
  • Design, build, and test a demonstration.
  • Set up training sessions and speaking engagements.
  • Generate the customer invitation list, create the invitation, send the invitation, track the responses, and so on.
  • Create and maintain the trade show web pages.

You can track and manage these individual tasks within the respective departments, but you might lack a full view of whether the trade show occurs on time and without problems.

Using Unica Plan, you can organize projects by creating parent-child relationships between them. A project coordinator can create a trade show project and all of the necessary individual projects, assign owners to each, and then create links from the trade show project to each of the subprojects. This method provides the project coordinator with a single view into the entire project.

Note: No data is exchanged between parent and child projects; the relationship is for organizational purposes only.