Cloning projects

To create multiple similar projects from a single existing project, you clone the project. You specify how many projects to create, and select fields you want to edit before the new projects are saved. You can clone a project when it is in any status.

About this task

To clone a project you must have the appropriate security permission.


  1. Go to the Summary tab of the project you want to clone.
  2. Click the Clone icon (Clone).
    The Clone this project dialog opens.
  3. Specify from 1 to 99 as the Number of projects to create.
  4. Select either the project or the project template as the source of the metrics to use in the new projects.
  5. If the project you are cloning is linked to a program, the Copy parent link check box appears. Select this check box to apply the same relationship link to all of the new projects.
  6. Select at least one attribute (or field) to edit for the new projects. Use Ctrl+click or Shift+click to select up to 20 attributes from the list. For example, to edit the default name and specify a target start date for each of the new projects, hold down the Ctrl key while you click Name and Target start date.
  7. Click OK.
    The Clone Projects Grid displays a column for each of the attributes you selected and a row for each new project.
  8. To change or enter values for attributes in the grid, click the Edit mode icon (Edit) and then click in the cell you want to edit.

    For more information about working with grids, see Grids.

  9. To create all of the projects, click the Save icon (Diskette image (small)) to save your edits and then click Create Projects.

    For successfully created projects, the Status/Project Code column displays the assigned project code. For projects that cannot be created, this column displays Failed.

  10. Click Back to Summary to return to the Summary tab of the project you cloned.


All of the newly created projects are given a status of Not Started. To use the project to collect and share information, you change its status. See Starting projects.