Project attachments tab

The Project Attachments tab organizes attachments to the project. The tab contains two sections: one for attachments for the project as a whole and one for attachments to individual tasks in the project.

Table 1. Columns on the Project Attachments tab
Column Description
Icon, file name Icon of the file type and the file name of the attached file. The file type and file size are listed in brackets.
Description The name of the person who attached the file, the date and time that the file was added, and the description for the file.
Task Available in the Task Attachments section of the page only. Displays a link to the task the file is attached to.
Actions This column contains the following links:
  • Send as Mail Attachment: Click to send the attachment by using email.
  • Remove: A user with privileges to remove the attachment can delete the attachment by using this link. The task or project owner receives an alert when an attachment is removed. Removed attachments do not appear on the Project Attachments tab.