Projects and project requests

Your permission settings determine whether you create projects or project requests. If you do not have permission to create projects, you submit a project request to someone who has the necessary permissions.

Your organization might limit the number of users who can create projects. Depending on your permissions, you either create projects or project requests, which you submit to someone else for approval.

  • If you have permission to create projects, you can create one directly by selecting either a project template or copying an existing project.
  • If you do not have permission to create a project, you create a project request instead. Project requests ask for formal approval of a proposed project, or acceptance of a work request.

    After you create a project request, you submit it to an authorized individual; when the request is accepted Unica Plan creates a project.

    For example, a marketing manager submits a project request to the CMO. The CMO approves the request, which becomes a a project. Similarly, a sales account manager might submit a project request to the marketing services department to request development and production of some specialized collateral.

You can also create projects and project requests from within a program.

After you create a project, you can start it at any time. Starting the project makes it active and you can see it in different views in Unica Plan.