Creating projects

You can create a single project from a project template. Your administrator sets up and maintains project templates. You can also create projects by copying a project, making up to 99 clones of a project, or responding to a project request.

Before you begin

When you create a project, note the following behavior.

  • To create a project, you must have the appropriate security permission.
  • When you create a project, you are the owner of the project.
  • You can add other team members to the project, some of whom can also be project owners.


  1. Select Operations > Projects.
  2. Click Add Project (Add project icon: Page with plus sign image).
    Note: Ensure that you do not use the following invalid characters (%?|:,<>&\/"+$<tab>)* under the Project name. These special characters are not supported for the Project Name field. Although these characters are allowed in project name while Campaign is integrated, but you must not use these characters.
  3. Select a template for your project.

    An Unica Plan administrator sets up the templates for your organization. To access any of the Unica Plan and Unica Campaign integration features, you must select a template that is configured as a campaign project template. The template selected here will reflect in the Operations > Approvals page in the All approvals > My active approvals. The template name is thus indicative of the project template the approval belongs to.

  4. Click Continue.
  5. Use the Add Project wizard to supply values for the project fields.
  6. When you save the project, the system verifies that all required fields have a value. It also completes optional fields by supplying default values from the template when available. To save your project, use one of the following options.
    • Click Finish. The Summary tab displays for the new project.
    • Click Save and Duplicate. The system saves the initial project and then uses the same information to create another project. The Summary tab displays for the duplicate project. You can edit the default name for the duplicate project and for other fields as needed, then save that project as well.
    • Click Save and Return to List on any page. The All Projects and Requests page displays.


Newly created projects are given a status of Not Started. To use the project to collect and share information, you change its status. See Starting projects.

The tabs in a project differ depending on the template you used. A typical project contains the following tabs:

  • Summary
  • People
  • Strategy
  • Workflow (schedule of tasks, milestones, and approvals)
  • Tracking (expenses and resources)
  • Health Status (project monitoring)
  • Attachments

When Unica Campaign is integrated with Unica Plan, a campaign project also contains a Target Cell Spreadsheet tab.

Some selections in the Add Project wizard also affect the tab content in the project. If your administrator configured workflow template branching, your field options might include a specific template for the Workflow tab. For example, the template might use a different workflow for a project that is based on whether you selected direct mail or email as the channel.