Responding to requests as an individual

When someone creates a project request and you are the recipient, you receive an alert message on the My Alerts page and an email to notify you of the request. Then, you must respond to the request.


  1. Go to a request by selecting Operations > Projects.

    The Active Projects and Requests view appears. If the request you want to accept is not in the list, click All Projects and Requests.

  2. Click the request to open it.
  3. Review the request and decide whether you want to accept it or return it to the submitter.
  4. Enter any comments in the Comments field and click Accept or Return.
  5. If you are accepting a team request, select the user who becomes the owner of the resulting project in the Assign to field.
  6. Click the Actions icon (Folder image) and select All Projects and Requests:


  • If you accepted, both the accepted request and the new project appear in the list. You are the owner of the project, which is not yet started.
  • If you returned the request, Unica Plan notifies the requester. The status of the request changes to Returned.
  • If the request is returned, the requester can resubmit or cancel the project request.