Changing the status of multiple projects or requests

You can change the status of one or more projects or requests simultaneously to improve efficiency.

About this task

Your change must meet the following prerequisites; if it does not, a warning message describes the possible problems.

  • The new status that you select must be valid for every item that you select.
  • To make status changes, you must have appropriate permissions.
  • To accept or reject requests, you must be an approver for every item you select.

Your administrator can set up Unica Plan to send an alert to owners and members of a process when its status changes.


  1. Select Operations > Projects.
  2. Click Actions (File folder image) and select All Projects and Requests.
  3. Select one or more items.
    Note: You can select items on more than one page. However, the system applies the status change only to the page you are viewing when you select the new status.
  4. Click Change Status and select a status from the menu to apply to all of the selected items.
    You can make most status changes with or without comments.
    • If you chose a new status without comments, Unica Plan changes the status immediately when you click the new status.
    • If you chose a new status with comments, type your comments and click Continue to apply the new status.