Creating offers in an integrated system

When offer integration is enabled, you create offer templates and offers in Unica Plan and publish the offers for use in Unica Campaign.

About this task

The following steps provide a high-level overview of the workflow for offer creation when offer integration is enabled. Complete these steps in Unica Plan.


  1. Review the offer attributes and templates that are imported from Unica Campaign (if any), and design new offer templates as needed.
  2. To add new offer attributes, select Settings > Plan Settings > Template Configuration > Shared Attributes.
  3. To create a form for the attributes you need, select Settings > Plan Settings > Template Configuration > Forms.
  4. To create or edit an offer template, select Settings > Plan Settings > Template Configuration > Templates.
    Note: For more information about designing a template to create offers available for real-time personalization, see Defining suppression rules for real-time personalization.
  5. Click the Tabs tab and select the form.
  6. Publish the offer template to Unica Campaign.
  7. To create an offer based on the offer template, select Operations > Offers, click the Add Offer icon, select an offer template, and use the wizard to create the offer. You can also create offer lists or folders.
  8. Approve the offer and publish it to Unica Campaign. You also publish offer lists and offer folders to Unica Campaign.
  9. Add the offer to output cells in the Target Cell Spreadsheet form in a campaign project.

    When Unica Campaign is integrated with Unica Plan, a campaign project includes a Target Cell Spreadsheet tab. Double-click the Assigned Offers column in the TCS® to search or browse for offers.

  10. Publish the TCS®.


The offer is now available in Unica Campaign. The attribute information is automatically passed to Unica Campaign when a user links a flowchart cell to the TCS® row.