Assigning offers and offer lists to cells when offer integration is enabled

In an integrated environment, use Unica Plan to assign offers and offer lists to output cells in a Target Cell Spreadsheet (TCS®). The TCS® is a part of each campaign project in Unica Plan.

About this task

Note: To search or browse for offers, double-click the Assigned offers column for a row when the TCS® is in edit mode.

When you publish the TCS®, the offers are automatically assigned to cells when you select them in a contact process box in the flowchart. In this way, the TCS® cells are linked to flowchart cells. This method is known as "top-down" management.


To allow bottom-up target cells, complete the following steps.
  1. Navigate to Settings > Configuration > HCL Unica > Campaign > partitions > partition[n] > server > internal.
  2. Set MO_UC_BottomUpTargetCells to Yes.


Note: Additions and changes to the TCS® are not visible in Unica Campaign until you click Publish on the TCS®.