Creating a campaign in an integrated environment

The workflow for creating a campaign when Unica Plan and Unica Campaign are integrated consists of the following tasks.

About this task

In many organizations, the tasks that are required to create a marketing campaign are shared by multiple people.


  1. Using the appropriate template, create a campaign project.

    Depending on your permissions, you can create the project directly or request a project and wait for it to be accepted.

  2. Complete any information that is missing on the project tabs.
  3. Create the linked campaign for the project.

    After this step is completed, the Implementation/Planning button (Double arrow that points right image) appears, so you can go back and forth between campaign project and its linked campaign.

  4. Complete the TCS® to define the control and target cells for the campaign and the assigned offers for target cells.
  5. Publish the TCS® to Unica Campaign.
  6. Create the flowcharts for the campaign, linking cells that are created in the flowchart with the appropriate target and control cells that are defined in the TCS®.
  7. Optional: If TCS® approval is required, test the flowchart to generate cell counts.
  8. Optional: If TCS® approval is required, update the cell status from within the TCS® for review.
  9. Optional: If TCS® approval is required and when all information for a cell (for example, the count) is appropriate, approve that cell (row) in the TCS®.
  10. Optional: If TCS® approval is required, repeat the process of publishing the TCS® and updating cell status until all cells in use by the flowchart is approved.
  11. When all necessary TCS® rows for the flowchart to run are prepared, publish the TCS® a final time.
  12. Optional: If flowchart approval is required, an approval must be created and assigned to one or more approvers. A flowchart can only be allowed to run when the approval is in completed or canceled state.
  13. Start the production flowchart run for the campaign.