Offers and offer templates in an integrated system

If offer integration is enabled, you create offers in Unica Plan, then publish them for use in Unica Campaign. You can set up offers before they are assigned to cells in Unica Campaign. Offers are based on templates, which are also created in Unica Plan.

When offer integration is enabled:

  • You can import any offers previously established in Unica Campaign into Unica Plan.
  • Users create and manage offers, offer lists, and offer folders by selecting Operations > Offers instead of Unica Campaign > Offers.
  • You create and manage offer attributes and offer templates by selecting Settings > Unica Plan Settings > Template Configuration instead of Settings > Unica Campaign Settings > Templates and Customization options.
  • You use Unica Plan to assign offers and offer lists to output cells in the Target Cell Spreadsheet (TCS®) form of a campaign project.