Managing offer templates and attributes when offer integration is enabled

In an integrated system, you access offer templates from Unica Plan Settings instead of Campaign Settings.

About this task

For more information about designing offer templates and attributes, see the Unica Campaign Administrator's Guide.

Follow these guidelines to manage offer templates and attributes in an integrated environment.


  • To work with offer templates, select Settings > Plan Settings > Template Configuration > Templates. Use the options in the Offer Templates section to add, enable, edit, and perform other template operations.
  • To work with offer attributes, select Settings > Plan Settings > Template Configuration > Shared Attributes. Use the options in the Offer Attribute section to create or edit your custom offer attributes.

What to do next

You can then add offer attributes to forms for use on offer templates. When you add an offer attribute to a form, you specify its behavior as parameterized, hidden, or hidden static. Forms for your offer templates can also include local or shared form and grid attributes, but those attributes and the data they collect are used only within Unica Plan. Only the data that is collected by offer attributes is published to Unica Campaign.